How To Find Pet Sitters Before Going On Road Trips

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If you will be leaving your pet behind when heading out on a road trip, no matter the length of time you will be gone, of course you will want to make sure that they are well taken care of and cared for while you are gone. Fortunately there are a variety of ways to make sure that your pet is safe and well cared for. One of the best ways is to have a pet sitter on the job. This way your pet can remain at home where they feel comfortable and be under constant care when you set off in your RV rental on your trip.

Ask Friends You Trust

If you have a local network of friends that you fully trust, then why not ask one of them, or several, to pet sit while you’re gone? This is especially great if one of your friends is in a situation where they wouldn’t mind staying over at your place and taking care of your pet. This way you can rest easy when on the road knowing that someone you trust is taking care of your animal and is staying over to keep them company. When friends ask you to pet sit, always do your best to accommodate. This way they will return the favor when you need them. Many travelers have a wide range of local friends who all pet sit for each other when each is out on the road.

Utilize Local Family

If you have family in the area you can also ask them to care for your pet. All it takes is a simple drop in at your residence each day to make sure the pet is fed, cleaned up after, and is happy and healthy. This is one of the major advantages of having local family, and why not take advantage of it to make sure your pet is cared for when you’re out on your trip? After all if you can’t trust a family member then who can you trust? Just like with friends, you should always be there for family members who need you to pet sit for them. This way you can set up a beneficial network of pet sitters amongst your local family who will care for one another’s pets whenever one of you should be traveling, whether it’s an RV rental trip or anything else. You can surely rest easy on your trip knowing your pet is under the care of a trusted family member.

Professional Pet Sitters

It will certainly cost you more than having a friend or family member look after you pet, but there are definitely advantages to using a professional pet sitting agency when on a road trip. First of all these agencies are fully professional and have reputations to maintain. This means your pet will be in the care of a true professional who is being paid to ensure that all goes well with the pet on your trip. These services offer great incentives such as providing pictures of your pet each day to prove that they are in great shape and in good hands. Another great thing about these services is that, since you are paying for them, you can list any quirky demands necessary to keep your pet happy. If you have an animal that requires special care or attention, then you truly get what you pay for with these services.


Over time, neighbors tend to get to know one another. No matter if it’s cordial neighborhood relations or the onset of true friendship, getting to know your neighbors and being friendly with them does a lot more good than simple community relations. One advantage is that you can look after one another’s pets when one family is out of town. This is what community relations are all about, after all, helping one another out and assuring the comfort of each member of the community. So if you have immediate neighbors that you trust and have become friendly with, then by all means you can utilize them to check in on your pet when you’re gone. It goes without saying that these should be reciprocated whenever your neighbors need you to watch their pet as well. This will create a nice trust in your neighborhood and give everyone the opportunity to have their pets looked after when away from home.

There are a variety of sources to draw from when looking for the perfect pet sitter. No matter if you’re heading out on a long or short journey, or whether you have one pet or many, there are many options for acquiring a pet sitter from friends to family members to neighbors to professional services. Whatever source you use, always make sure your pet is in the care of someone you trust whenever you hit the road.





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